The John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project, located in Campbell River, involves the replacement of the existing six-unit, 126 MW generating station which includes construction of a replacement water intake at the John Hart spillway dam, replacement of three 1.8-kilometre long penstocks with a 2.1-kilometre long tunnel, and construction of a new generating station and water bypass facility upstream of the existing station.

FPRD on behalf of a joint venture between Aecon/SNC-Lavalin Constructors, was contracted for the construction of a temporary coffer dam that will allow construction of the new water intake. The construction of the cofferdam was completed utilizing an interlocked pipe pile wall drilled and socketed 4 to 5 m into rock. This work required the use of a double silt curtain to ensure the marine environment and the drinking water for the city Campbell River was not impacted.