FRPD’s Environmental Policy highlights our commitment to meet or exceed all legal requirements and voluntary commitments. This is in part accomplished by FRPD’s extensive experience in regards to identifying and mitigating potential adverse impacts to the environmental resources within the upland and aquatic environments and incorporates new technologies into daily operations. Our Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) are rigorously audited to ensure regulatory and legal compliance.

FRPD assists clients with navigating the environmental review process and routinely procures the required approvals for maintenance works. FRPD works within the requirements of the Disposal at Sea program administered by Environment and Climate Change Canada and can fulfill all aspects from the collection of sediment samples, submittal of permit applications, conducting the dredging works and the final reporting for permit closure. FRPD has been a member of the Climate Smart Program since 2012 and continues to track emissions and develop reduction strategies.