With the development of larger and more complex projects, particularly marine structures, and increased requirements for structures of all types to resist the forces from potential earthquakes; this coupled with the introduction of design concepts by designers and engineers from around the world, has resulted in an increase in the number of projects incorporating much higher capacity bored shaft or drilled piles. Although driven piles are usually more cost-effective, some sites and design requirements dictate that piles must be drilled and socketed into hard ground or bedrock.

At FRPD we have recently increased our focus on this aspect of our business to enable us to complete a wider range of projects which involve bored shaft or drilled piling for both land foundations and marine projects. By investing in the necessary equipment and committing to proper training of our project staff and crews, we have now developed drilling capabilities which have put FRPD at the forefront of the industry in this very specialized area. FRPD has completed numerous jobs incorporating bored or drilled piles in sizes ranging from 610mm to 1525 mm diameter including a land foundation project with 520 – 610 mm piles and 4.0 metre rock sockets; many of which were on a 3:1 batter and a marine project consisting of 5 – 1525 mm diameter piles socketed 12 metres into rock.