At FRPD we consider working with sheet piling to be one of our specialties and have been very successful in growing this aspect of our business and securing a large segment of the sheet pile market. Steel Sheet Piling (SSP) come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to serve two very specific purposes. Flat sheet piles are used to construct circular cofferdams where the sheets are completely in tension whereas “Z” shaped sections are typically used to construct permanent or temporary retaining walls where the sheets are required to resist bending stresses and in some cases axial loads.

Although the SSP sections themselves are all pretty simple, the proper installation of sheet piles is not. Over the years FRPD has developed some very specialized equipment and techniques which ensure we are able to correctly install sheet piling in accordance with project requirements and tolerances and the manufacturers’ recommendations. FRPD has experience in installing both types of SSP.