Foundations for structures on land can range from simple soil bearing strip footings to complex designs which rely on additional support for the structures’ foundation. The two main means of supplying this support are ground improvement to strengthen the soil and increase load-bearing capacity or any one of a variety of drilled or driven pile solutions. Piling options are designed to either transfer the structural loads through weaker soil layers down to denser layers better suited to support the loads or driven deep enough into weaker soils to allow load transfer by friction.

Piles can be drilled, driven or augered, and consist of a variety of materials including wood, steel or concrete and a variety of sections such as Pipe Piles, H Piles or Sheet Piles. Foundation piling jobs can range in size from small timber pile house foundations to multi-million dollar bridge pier support pipe piles in excess of 2,000 mm diameter and driven to depths exceeding 100 meters.

FRPD has been in the land foundation business for over 100 years and by utilizing our extensive fleet of pile driving and drilling equipment have successfully completed projects incorporating virtually every pile type and size within this range. FRPD is an industry leader when it comes to both drilled pile solutions and large diameter pile driving. We continually invest in new equipment and people to ensure we are able to provide our clients and customers with leading-edge technology and expertise to meet all of their Land Foundation needs in a timely and economical manner.