Building docks and wharves are probably the backbones of any marine construction company’s business, and this is no different for us at FRPD. Docks and wharves are usually purpose-built to suit a particular business need and are an essential component of the global marine shipping and supply chain. These structures are typically designed as either free-standing platforms supported on wood, steel or concrete piling or they incorporate concrete caissons which make up the berth face and provide support for the reclaimed land area behind the berth.

Over the years FRPD has been involved in the construction of hundreds of docks and wharves from small timber structures of a few hundred square metres to huge container handling caisson wharves with over a thousand metres of berth face, We have installed all types of piling for these structures including large diameter steel piles drilled and socketed several metres into solid rock. Some of the larger docks and wharves we have constructed include the Deltaport Container Terminal Berth’s 1 & 2 at Roberts Bank, Centerm Container Terminal Expansion in Vancouver Harbour, Fairview Container Terminal Phase 1 & 2 in Prince Rupert and Squamish Terminals Reconstruction in Squamish. Many of these facilities required dredging and/or land reclamation which FRPD also provided through our Dredging division.