Seawalls and Shoreline Protection are vital components of an overall strategy to protect people, property, businesses, and animals from the potential ravages of Mother Nature along our ocean coastlines and inland water-ways. FRPD has a long history and extensive resume of projects completed which fit into this category.

Although serving a similar purpose, the two methods of protection are quite different. Seawalls are usually vertical or near vertical structures constructed of cast in place concrete, precast concrete panels or blocks or anchored steel sheet piles. Shoreline protection typically refers to the placement of various sizes of processed rock (riprap) onto a prepared shoreline slope. Individual rip rap elements can be as large as 6 cubic meters weighing up to 15 tonnes. By utilizing our fleet of 10 derricks and over 20 material barges and under the direction of our highly trained and experienced Project Managers and Supervisors, FRPD has the capability to construct virtually any type of Seawall or Shoreline Protection system.