Pile driving as the term suggests is simply a matter of applying sufficient force to drive a structural component, usually made of wood, concrete or steel into the ground to a desired depth or load carrying capacity to support some type of structure. Although simple in concept, the operation can become very complex and technical when all the variables are considered such as the type and size of pile being driven, the location of the project and the material the pile is being driven into.

At FRPD we have driven virtually every type and size of pile that has been introduced into our market. Whether it’s a 10 metre long timber pile or a 100 plus metre long; two metre diameter steel pipe pile, we have the trained and experienced crews and a fleet of pile driving equipment to get the job done. From simple drop hammers to more complex vibratory hammers and pneumatic, hydraulic and diesel impact hammers, we have them all in a variety of sizes, all of which can be mounted on our selection of fixed, hanging, restricted headroom or vertical travel lead systems.

As with the rest of our business, the key to our success in the pile driving field resides with our highly trained and experienced crews who are well versed in the safe and effective use of this highly technical heavy equipment. Combined, these factors allow FRPD to provide our customers and clients with practical cost effective solutions for all of their pile installation needs.